PPT2Voice Neo音声合成ナレーション付き教材を簡単作成。ナレーター費用・スタジオ費用のコストを削減。


ボイスソムリエ英語版 出ました! 英語での合成音声に対応です!!





The Panda-cam which doesn’t have moving sound is very suitable for taping the class or some seminar.
As you know, the seminar for the students is sometimes held by some employees in the company, but because of a limit of space, some younger who want to take part in the seminar cannot take part in. Therefore, each hotels and companies deal with this problem by adding to more number of seminar time now.
That’s why we are starting to researching whether we can broadcast these working seminar for the younger from the studio as a program now. It’s not only speaking in front of a camera, if we can invite some applicant for a position to the studio and broadcast this state, the speaker can be sure to convey the passion himself. Throughout using a movie, we think that we can save time, places, costs, and the side of the staffing in such a seminar dramatically in the future.

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